Initial Visit

75 - 90 minutes

(*Appointments will always show as 60 minutes when you book online - this is due to the scheduling service I utilize.)

For your first visit I allocate more time so that we can do a thorough intake and history of your condition(s) and determine the appropriate course of action/treatment. I often incorporate a fair amount of palpation when evaluating what is going on and checking how your body is responding to the treatment. I will do my best to make sure that you are informed about what I am assessing and that you are comfortable at all times.

Return Visit

45 - 60 minutes

For return visits, the intake will not be as long as an initial visit. We will check in about how your last visit went, how things have been feeling since and what is going on at the moment. I may do a more thorough assessment here and there to see how our treatment plan trajectory is progressing and to evaluate whether that plan needs any adjustment.


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